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Created in Luxembourg in early 1997 by Stephan Roelants, Studio 352 has become today one of the oldest animation studios in Europe.The company is built on a fixed and multi-talented team made up of about forty staffs brought together to generate a true professional synergy, and to create and develop an internationally acknowledged artistic quality.Our structure covers the 2D/3D pre-production line, from the character, prop and background designs creation to the story-boards, layouts and expo sheets realisation. Of course, Studio 352 ensures the complete process of 3D creation, from modelling to layout, animation, rendering and compositing.Since the beginning of 2007, the company has been developing a graphic department oriented towards advertisement, architecture and hyper-realistic security/formation.




  1. FutureFilm Festival, Bologne, Italie - Platinum Grand Prize
  2. FICAM,Maroc - En compétition
  3. CésarsAcademy Awards, France - Nominé comme Meilleur film d'animation
  4. FestivalDiscovery Zone, Luxembourg - Opening Movie
  5. FestivalAnima Bruxelles, Belgium - Special Screening


  1. FestivalGraines des Toiles de Gerardmer, France - Prix Jeune Public
  2. FestivalInternational du Film d'Animation d'Erevan (Reanimania 13), Arménie
  3. GrandPrix du Meilleur Film
  4. FestivalVoix d'Etoiles de Port Leucate, France - Coup de coeur du jury
  5. LucasFilm Festival de Francfort, Germany - Best European Film Award
  6. AnnecyAnimation Festival, France - Cristal for Special Distinction
  7. PoznanInternational Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino, Poland
  8. InCompetition
  9. FestivalInternational de Cine de Gijon, Spain - In Competition



  1. FutureFilm Festival, Bologne, Italie - Platinum Grand Prize
  2. FICAM,Maroc - Meilleur long-métrage d'animation
  3. FestivalAnima Bruxelles, Belgium - Film de clôture
  4. FestivalInternational du Film de Berlin (Berlinale), Génération Kplus - InCompetition


  1. FestivalGraines de Toiles, Gerardmer, France - Prix du public
  2. FestivalVoix d'Etoiles, Leucate, France - Meilleure voix féminine
  3. FestivalInternational du Film d'Environnement, Paris, France - Ouverture
  4. FestivalInternational du Film de La Rochelle, France - Séance spéciale
  5. AnnecyAnimation Festival, France- Out of Competition, Special Screening



  1. OscarsAcademy Awards, Hollywood, USA
  2. AwardNominee for Best Animated Movie
  3. TokyoAnime Award Festival, Japan - Notable Entry
  4. FloridaFilm Festival, USA - In Competition
  5. FestivalAnima Bruxelles, Belgium - Special Screening
  6. LesMagritte du Cinéma, Belgique
  7. Magrittedu Meilleur film, Meilleure réalisation et Meilleur son
  8. LëtzebuergerFilmpraïs, 5th edition, Luxembourg - In Competition
  9. SundanceFilm Festival, Sundance Kids, USA - In Competition
  10. SatelliteAwards, Los Angeles, USA
  11. AwardNominee for Best Animated Motion Picture
  12. IAFSAnnie Awards, Los Angeles, USA
  13. AwardNominee for Best Animated Feature, Outstanding Achivement -Directing, Outstanding Achievement - Writing, Outstanding Achievement- Character Animation, Outstanding Achivement - Production Design andOutstanding Achievement – Editorial


  1. LAFCA- Association des Critiques de Films de Los Angeles, USA
  2. Meilleurfilm d'animation
  3. InternationalChildren's Film Festival of India, Hyderabad
  4. Meilleurfilm d'animation
  5. SeattleInternational Film Festival, USA
  6. YouthJury Award for Best Films4Families Feature, Grand Jury Prize
  7. GalwayFilm Fleadh - Audience Award
  8. Festival16000 Toons d'Angoulême, France - Séance spéciale
  9. FestivalAnim'est de Bucarest, Romania - Film d'ouverture
  10. AnimafestZagreb, Croatia - In Competition
  11. CésarsAcademy Awards, France - Best Animation Movie
  12. NYICFF,USA - Winner of the Grand Prize
  13. ITFS,Stuttgart - AniMovie - Award for Best Animated Feature Film


  1. CannesFilm Festival, France
  2. Quinzainedes Réalisateurs, Mention Spéciale SACD
  3. AnnecyAnimation Festival, France - Out of Competition, Special Screening
  4. JuryJeune, Festival de Sarlat, France - Best Movie Award
  5. MonPremier Festival, Paris - Prix du Public
  6. CineKidAmsterdam - Best Film – Jury & Best Film – Audience Award
  7. BusterFilm Festival for Children and Youth – Denmark
  8. «Mention spéciale du jury international »
  9. DubaiInternational Film Festival, UAE - People's Choice Award
  10. LundInternational Fantastic Film Festival - Sweden
  11. AudienceAward for Best Feature
  12. Festivaldu Cinéma International en Abitibi-Témisamingue - Quebec
  13. «Prix Animé RNC Média »
  14. FestivalAle Kino de Poznan – Poland
  15. GoldenGoats Award for « Best Animated Film for Children »
  16. FestivalInternational du Cinéma Jeune Public de Bellinzona - Suisse
  17. MiniCastellinaria Award



  1. FestivalDiscovery Zone, Luxembourg - Special Screening



  1. OscarsAcademy Awards, Hollywood, USA
  2. Pre-selectedfor best animated short film
  3. FestivalDiscovery Zone, Luxembourg - Special Screening
  4. FestivalAnima Bruxelles, Belgium - Special Screening



  1. Lëtzebuerger Filmpraïs, 5th edition, Luxembourg - In Competition
  2. My French Film Festival - Unifrance, France


  1. Philadelphia Film Society, USA
  2. Brisbane International Film Festival, Australia
  3. French Film Festival, UK
  4. Seattle International Film Festival, USA
  5. Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan
  6. Kids Euro Film Festival, USA
  7. Anim'Est International Animation Film Festival, Romania
  8. Best Feature Film
  9. CineMagic International Film Festival For Young People, UK
  10. Buster Film Festival, Denmark
  11. Audience Award Competition
  12. Fantoche Film Festival, Switzerland
  13. Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia
  14. BAFICI, Argentina
  15. Indianapolis Film Festival, Australia
  16. Irish Film Institute - French Film Festival, Ireland
  17. Boston French Film Festival, USA
  18. Sheffield Young's People Film Festival, UK
  19. Festival du Fillm Français de Tokyo - Unifrance, Japan
  20. Kecskemet Animation Film Festival - Hungary
  21. Animafest Zagreb, Croatia
  22. New Taipei City Film Festival, Taïwan
  23. Trebon International Festival of Animated Films, Czech Republic
  24. Best Film Award
  25. Stockholm International Film Festival Junior, Sweden
  26. Ciné-Jeune Film Festival, France
  27. Festival du Film Français d'Athènes, Greece
  28. Richmond French Film Festival, USA
  29. Guadalajara International Film Festival, Mexico
  30. Section Europe New Trends
  31. New-York Children Film Festival, USA
  32. Glasgow International Film Festival, UK
  33. Institut Français du Sénégal, Senegal
  34. A Film in Your Backpack, Italia


  1. Sottodiciotto Film Festival, Italia
  2. RDV du Cinéma Français, Singapure
  3. French Cinepanorama, Honk-Kong
  4. Wien International Kinder Film Festival, Austria
  5. Gijon Film Festival, Spain
  6. Chicago International Film Festival, USA
  7. Isfahan International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults, Iran
  8. Golden Butterfly Prize for Best Animation
  9. San Sebastian, Spain
  10. Festival International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy, France
  11. World Premiere



  1. TokyoAnime Award Festival, Japan - Grand Prize
  2. LëtzebuergerFilmpraïs, 5th edition, Luxembourg - In Competition
  3. MyFrench Film Festival - Unifrance, France


  1. EuropeanFilm Awards - Best Animated Feature Film
  2. FestivalParis Cinéma, France - Avant-première
  3. Quinzainedes Réalisateurs, Cannes, France – Ouverture



  1. AnnecyFestival – June 2010
  2. MontreuxComedy Festival – December 2010
  3. AnimaFestival Bruxelles – March 2011
  4. StockholmInternational Film Festival Junior - April 2011
  5. MeknèsInternational Festival of Animation Cinema Overture – April 2011
  6. MFAMuseum of Fine Arts Boston – April 2011
  7. StuttgartAnimation Festival – May 2011
  8. NewYork Children’s Film Festival / Festival du film d’enfants de NewYork – March 2011
  9. Bestof of NYICFF touring program in US - 2011
  10. KecskemétAnimation Film Festival – June 2011


  1. BestMovie Award - Buenos Aires BAFICITO Festival - April 2011



  1. LëtzebuergerFilmpraïs, 4th edition, Luxembourg,
  2. BestAnimation Movie
  3. CannesFilm festival France, Official Selection,
  4. Outof Competition, Midnight Screening
  5. InternationalFantastic Film festival, Lund, Méliès d'Argent++
  6. IFFCatalonia, Sitges, ANIMA'T Gertie Award,
  7. BestAnimated Feature Film for Kids
  8. InternationalAnimated Film festival, Cinanima,BestAnimation Movie
  9. AnnecyAnimation Film Festival France Overture


  1. Césars,France, Best Animation Movie Nomination
  2. Animafest,Zagreb,
  3. EuropeanCinema Summit,
  4. EuropeanFilm promotion, New York,
  5. KarlovyVary International Film festival, Midnight Screenings,
  6. Echoesof Karlovy Vary,
  7. Sarajevofilm festival new currents,
  8. NorwegianInternational Film Festival at Haugesund, Special Scrennings,
  9. TorontoInternational Film Festival, Midnight Madness,
  10. RioInternational Film festival, Midnight Movies,
  11. Fantasticfest In Austin,
  12. HaifaInternational film festival, Midnight Madness,
  13. WarsawInternational FF Fantastic in competition,
  14. AnimationNation, Singapore,
  15. FestivalCiné Jeune de l'Aisne Int'l, competition,
  16. SaoPaulo, IFF,
  17. Seoul,International Ramily FF, opening Film,
  18. Mumbai,World Cinema,
  19. BigCartoon Festival,
  20. TaipeiGolden Horse Film Festival, Animation,
  21. LjubljanaInt'l Film Festival, Panorama of World Cinema,
  22. ThessalonikiInt'l Film Festival, Independence Days,
  23. OuluInternational Childrens Festival, Competition,
  24. TallinBlack Nights PÖFF'S Vitamin Boost, Ventana Sur, Buenos Aires



  1. XII edition International film festival Granada Spain 
  2. Award winner for the best short film
  3. XII edition International film festival Granada Spain 
  4. Award winner for the best Director
  5. VI Semena Internacional de Cine fantastico y de Terror Estepona, Spain, 
  6. Award winner for the best short film
  7. Art Futura Barcelona Spain 
  8. Special Jury Award winner
  9. Animacor Cordoba Spain, 
  10. Award Winner for the best audiovisual work
  11. Animadrid Madrid Spain 
  12. Award winner for the best spanish animated film
  13. Miami Short film festival, Miami USA, 
  14. Award Nominee for the best animated short
  15. Oscars Academy Awards, Hollywood, USA, 
  16. Pre-selected for best animated short film


  1. Sacramento film festival, Sacramento USA, 
  2. Award Nominee for best Director 
  3. Award Nominee for best Latino Short 
  4. Award Nominee for best Animated Film
  5. Award Nominee for best avant-garde-Music-Experimental
  6. Award Nominee for best Visual Effects
  7. Rebel Planet, Hollywood Short film festival, Hollywood USA, 
  8. Award Winner for best animated short film
  9. 39th annual World Fest Houston USA, 
  10. Remi Award Winner
  11. 48th Rochester Int. Film festival Rochester Usa, 
  12. Award Winner for best animation short movie on a Shoestring
  13. Riveredge film Festival, Kentucky, USA 
  14. Jury Award Winner for best animation short 
  15. IX Festival de Cortometrajes de Vila-Real, Castellon de la Plana, Spain, 
  16. Award Winner for best short film 
  17. 32th Festival Internacional Filmets, Badalona, Spain, 
  18. Award Winner for best European Union Animation Short
  19. California Independent Film festival, Califormia, USA, 
  20. Award Nominee for best Animation Short
  21. Alcorto Short film Festival, Alicante, Spain, 
  22. Award Winner for best Animated Short
  23. Escorto, El Escorial, Spain, 
  24. Award Winner for best visual Effects and Animation
  25. Escorto, El Escorial, Spain, 
  26. Award Winner for best short film



  1. A night of Horror Shorts Film Festival, Sydney, Australia, 
  2. Award Winner for best Animation Short



  1. Televisions Critics Associations, 
  2. Award Nominee for Outstanding Achievment in Children's Prgramming
  3. Humanitas Prize, 
  4. Award Nominee for Children's Animation Category
  5. Daytime Emmy Awards, 
  6. Award Nominee for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program 


  1. Daytime Emmy Awards, 
  2. Award Nominee for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program 


episode 05: weight in animation

Nic Debray and Victor Ens tackle on a 'heavy' subject...

episode 04: beauty in animation

Nic Debray and Victor Ens don't always agree on what constitutes beauty in animation.

episode 03: what it means to be an animator

Nic Debray and Victor Ens discuss about their desire to become animators in the first place.

episode 02: start a scene

Nic Debray and Victor Ens talk about the steps they take when they crack open a new scene.

Episode 01 : Talent

in this first episode of the studio's podcast, Nic Debray and Victor Ens examine the nature of talent.

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Private studios, particularly in the field of creating images, have rarely achieved this good an international reputation. Studio 352 is a high value- added company that depends on the talents and professionalism of its team staffs, most of whom have been working in the company since its creation. Specialised in the broadcasting field, the work of the animation department chiefly consists in graphic creation and the production of animated shows for television, DVDs and cinema. Accustomed to the rigorous discipline and the high pace of creating animated series as well as the complexity of developing an animated full-length movie, our artists have made possible the pre-production of 2D shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch; Strawberry Shortcake; Horseland or Sushi Pack, as well as the realisation of 3D series like Noukies & friends; Tchoupi or Word World. Our clients and partners on these licenses include major companies such as Walt Disney Company, DIC Entertainment, Noukies Pictures, CBS, Discovery Channel, TF1, France Télévisions and BBC, to name a few.
Here are the services we are able to provide for animated Feature films and TV specials, series or commercials : 
  • Main Pack Design
  • Characters, Backgrounds, Color Design
  • Storyboard
  • Layout Posing and Setup
  • 3D Modeling, setuping and lighting
  • Animaion : Traditional 2D, Digital 2D, 3D
  • Compositing
  • Editing
  • Sound Postproduction with our partner studio.

Digital Work

Our graphic design creation has been developed somewhat later in the communication field, whether it is in advertising or informing, and in new Medias. We are working or have worked with advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi or Dexia BIL. Our business is also aiming towards simulation in security formations with specialised institutes whose purpose, in a technological and educational angle, is to confront employees to situations where they will have to analyze some parameters and respond reasonably to them for their own security when viewing complex virtual situations. We also undertake 3D designs and virtual walk-throughs for architecture as well as game design. Our skills are following the same production patterns but their finality can be specific in regards of the use. They can also be joined in order to have a better 360 degrees approach.

  • Project Concept and Design
  • Script and development with client better approach
  • Live action storyboard
  • Character, Background and color Design
  • Modeling, Setuping and lighting
  • Compositing
  • Animation for : Virtual visits, interactive simulation, real time animation
  • Standard Special Fx
  • HD Video Shooting and hybrid integration
  • Editing
  • Contact Us

    Stéphan Roelants

    Stéphan Roelants

    Producer - CEO

    Stéphan Roelants was born in Mons, Belgium, onDecember 1965. He has a degree in law, journalism and applied economics. In the same time he becomes a fiction and script author, and takes a lot of jobs which all point to the same connection: the audiovisual field, as an agency photographer, screenwriter for institutions, commercial documentaries director,etc. He also takes part as a supervisor of various organization committees ofBelgian festivals during a few years and starts producing movies.

    Professionally active since more than 25 yearsin the audiovisual, Stephan began his career in Belgium in production companiesfocused on short and feature-length movies and documentaries. He arrives bychance in Luxembourg the first time in 1993 as a director for historical programs, and he settles as a line producer for documentaries. He takes advantage of a London experience in Films Ltd. to expand his knowledge with taking care of distribution and production management.

    Back in Luxembourg in 1996 he creates Studio352, an animation studio with a fixed crew of 45 peoples whom the supervisors and lead artists are still on the studio job today. In 1998 he opens his ownproduction company, Melusine Productions, which is mainly dedicated to animation and documentary.

    He creates a studio in Paris, Seahorse Prod.,from 2000 to 2003, and a development and production company in Los Angeles, Neptoon Productions, where he lives during four years, achieving his formation in script-writing and script-doctoring.

    Today he is a producer and a co-producer of movies such as A Town Called Panic, Ernest & Celestine, and Song of the sea or Extraordinary Tales. Melusine was nominated twotimes for the Academy Awards and for the French Cesars four times among many great festival selections. He continues to develop and produce projects with an editorial line focusing on script value and high concepts linked to original visuals. The last ones are Ethel and Ernest, The breadwinner or the Summit of the Gods based on the internationally acclaimed novel from Jiro Taniguchi.

    Fabien Renelli

    Fabien Renelli 

    Production Coordinator

    Émilie Pirotte

    Émilie Pirotte

    Production Administrator

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