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Retour Mullewapp ( 2015 _ Feature-length 3D animation)

Mullewapp - Eine Schöne Schweinerei ( 2015 _ Feature-length 3D animation )

Mullewapp - Eine Schöne Schweinerei, dir. Tony Loeser & Theresa Strozyk, prod. MotionWorks, Melusine Productions

Artdirection, Design, Storyboard, 3D Character Texturing, 3DBackgrounds, Matte-painting, 3D Props, 3D Layout and Key Animation,FX Design

The tale of the three friends Johnny Mauser, Franz von Hahn and Waldemar the Pig is inextricably bound with the name of the books author, Helme Heine. The movie will build on his thrilling and charming, widely-effective narrative manner, and will create a cinematic spectacle for the whole family, naturally keeping in the Mullewapp tradition

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